Chargeback reason codes what do they mean

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Chargeback reason codes and what do they mean?

Visa Chargeback Reason Codes

Code Category Description
10.1 Fraud (10) EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud
10.2 Fraud (10) EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud
10.3 Fraud (10) Other Fraud – Card Present Environment
10.4 Fraud (10) Other Fraud – Card Absent Environment
10.5 Fraud (10) Visa Fraud Monitoring Program
11.1 Authorization (11) Card Recovery Bulletin or Exception File
11.2 Authorization (11) Declined Authorization
11.3 Authorization (11) No Authorization
12.1 Processing Errors (12) Late Presentment
12.2 Processing Errors (12) Incorrect Transaction Code
12.3 Processing Errors (12) Incorrect Currency
12.4 Processing Errors (12) Incorrect Transaction Account Number
12.5 Processing Errors (12) Incorrect Transaction Amount
12.6 Processing Errors (12) Duplicate Processing or Paid by Other Means
12.7 Processing Errors (12) Invalid Data
13.1 Consumer Disputes (13) Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received
13.2 Consumer Disputes (13) Cancelled Recurring Transaction
13.3 Consumer Disputes (13) Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services
13.4 Consumer Disputes (13) Counterfeit Merchandise
13.5 Consumer Disputes (13) Misrepresentation of the purchased good and/or service
13.6 Consumer Disputes (13) Credit Not Processed
13.7 Consumer Disputes (13) Cancelled Merchandise/Services
13.8 Consumer Disputes (13) Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted
13.9 Consumer Disputes (13) Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value at ATM

Visa time limits to dispute chargebacks

Merchants must respond within 30 days of day one for each phase. In Visa’s case, day one is the day after each phase is initiated. Merchant time limits have only one exception: if either party wants to escalate a dispute to arbitration, they must do so within 10 days.


MasterCard Chargeback Reason Codes

Code Description Category
4837 No Cardholder Authorization Fraud
4840 Fraudulent Processing of Transactions Fraud
4849 Questionable Merchant Activity Fraud
4863 Cardholder Does Not Recognize—Potential Fraud Fraud
4870 Chip Liability Shift Fraud
4871 Chip/PIN Liability Shift Fraud
4807 Warning Bulletin File Authorization
4808 Authorization-Related Chargeback Authorization
4812 Account Number Not On File Authorization
4834 Point-of-Interaction Error Point-of-Interaction Error
4831 Transaction Amount Differs Point-of-Interaction Error
4842 Late Presentment Point-of-Interaction Error
4846 Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided Point-of-Interaction Error
4850 Installment Billing Dispute Point-of-Interaction Error
4999 Domestic Chargeback Dispute (Europe Region Only) Point-of-Interaction Error
4853 Cardholder Dispute Cardholder Disputes
4841 Canceled Recurring or Digital Goods Transactions Cardholder Disputes
4854 Cardholder Dispute—Not Elsewhere Classified (U.S. Region Only) Cardholder Disputes
4855 Goods or Services Not Provided Cardholder Disputes
4859 Addendum, No-show, or ATM Dispute Cardholder Disputes
4860 Credit Not Processed Cardholder Disputes

MasterCard time limits to dispute chargebacks

MasterCard has a time limit of 45 days from the date of the chargeback.

*Time limits are for the acquiring bank. Merchants will typically be given half the amount of time the acquiring bank is given to accommodate for the time they need to process internally.


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